WhatsApp Plus Apk Latest v17.46 Download

WhatsApp Plus Apk Latest v17.46 Download

WhatsApp Plus

The WhatsApp Plus is examined as high-ranked android messaging application. It arrives along many of quirky features as the further listed under. Install presently !!

Privacy attention base personalization Content Designing User Interface Filters & Personalize Emoji.

While it arrives on Mods of WhatsApp, superfine mod that you should install is your WhatsApp Plus. This is superfine substitute towards the original WhatsApp application.

Particular application is now top rated and reviewed by 1000 of servers beyond the globe. You may install the recent format by certain article.

So, you must have keep in mind of latest WhatsApp updates, so it is relying by the application key features and protection.

Thus there exist no any recent features updated towards the application. Thus, either you are passionate while using those superfine features, later this brief write up is just for you.

The writer is convincing you to try this latest Whatsapp version after his personal experience. This takens diverse as operating it. Meanwhile, you may smoothly influence your buddies by displaying them extraordinary features having in Whatsapp Plus.

Certain article explained all things regarding WhatsApp Plus, as the way to download it, its functions, instant queries, and installing the recent application.

Introduction of WhatsApp Plus:

Its working is match with same to WhatsApp, yet Whatsapp plus display and features , as well user experience are totally changed.

WhatsApp Plus may as well be known as official Whatsapp’s modified version. This upcoming version was created from Rafalete, the senior most personnel of XDA company.

He has swapped the official Whatsapp’s root code, updated with recent features, also launched Whatsapp plus’s modified version. This is entirely a GB Whatsapp’s modified version.

Altgough it is a Modified mode, so, this version is not available at Play Store. Users have to install it by our portal, so third-party creators will offer entire updations, not just the original WhatsApp creators.

Users have knowledge about unlimited Mods of WhatsAp available on site, for instance Fouad, FM, GB and Pro WhatsApp. Yet the issue is still; anyhow applications that we are presenting arrives straightly by the original creators. While, you have no fret regarding privacy and protection.

As your knowledge, you have realize that particular App runs (end to end encryption) to contact texts, so you will explore each functionality by the official App.

Thus, you are obtaining the Redeveloped User Interface and convenient features which you operate by your daily life.

Whatsapp plus top Features:

The top class features are added in Whatsapp plus now. You may cover status viewing activity by your contacts, Blue tick visibility, all time online display etc.

Whatsapp plus Themes Assistance:

Smoothly install cool themes by Whatsapp Plus library. You may install themes variety forno cost.

Emoji Altering Feature:

Whatsapp plus is fully furnished along variety of Emoji altering at a single location. Try it for WhatsApp version for iOS, Android , FB and further.

Anti Delete Text option:

Ooerating thus particular feature, further public may not remove texts to you. Must have this will surprise you.

WhatsApp Plus Font Feature:

This is strangely the very hit feature of WhatsApp plus. You may alter font size and design for your WhatsApp easily.

Set Free Limit:

Forward texts more than for 250 plus characters, dispatch up to 10 photos at one time, and forwrd photos by through Resolution.

Further Features of WhatsApp plus:

Dark Style:

Users may still operate dark style feature on WhatsApp plus along better look. Particular feature is useful whereas operating WhatsApp for night time.

Direct Text:

It is also very lavish feature; as you need to dispatch a text and call to a contact that you have not feed in your mobile contact list, later by operating particular feature, you may straightly may call and forward a text towards anyone by WhatsApp plus.

Fix your WhatsApp Last Seen:

To permit this, you may invisible your online mode by user contacts list. Nobody will be capable to access user last seen timing.

Contacts feature:

The above feature is entirely useful in means of privacy aspects. Users may invisible typing visibility, Blue ticks, double tick option, blue shade microphone and recording by WhatsApp contacts.

WhatsApp plus Groups:

Similar to the contact list, user may alter settings for privacy of WhatsApp groups.

WhatsApp plus Call Settings:

Users may select Whom may have option to call you? Everybody, just my contact list, My contact list and except, for slective contact list, or to nobody. This is top solutionfor your security.

Chats by WhatsApp plus:

By this feature, user will have 3 choices to pick from. Cut forward option, Anti-Remove Texts, Visible Blue Ticks option later responding. Permit it to avail these features.

WhatsApp plus Status option:

Similar feature is avail for your WhatsApp status, user may invisible Status viewing, Anti- Remove Status option. Just users have to permit it.

WhatsApp plus Security:

Needed, and users must operate it. Users are availing various privacy options as Pattern locking, MPIN Locking. And create Pattern hide option.

WhatsApp plus Add-ons feature:

While user like to send Stickers, later users must have This add-ons feature of WhatsApp plus. This has obtained variety of Sticker bundles and wallpapers collection.

Themes option:

Users are having choices to download themes by this application. Themes of WhatsApp plus may be installed directly by the application personally. It avails a great variety of themes for applying by.

Emoji Altering feature:

By WhatsApp plus, users have a wide variety of emojis. So users have to install emoji altering as per your choice.

Font Design:

Users are having great deal of font deeigns to select from. Certain font design will be workable to entire interface of WhatsApp.

Photo and Video Mods feature:

Photos will be dispatch by the greatest resolution and quality. Users may too boost and minimize width and length of the photos.

Invalid Photo Share Capacity:

Dispatch greater than 10 photo files in one time.

Various Application Language Assistance:

English, EspaƱo, Indonesian, Arabic, Bahasa Malaysia, Brazilian (Portuguese), Italian, German, Hindi, Russian, Turkish and Azerbaijani.

Primary Features of WhatsApp plus:

Make invisible user online activity.

User may invisible his typing activity.

Invisible blue ticks option as well dual ticks option.

Invisibl user recording activity.

Invisible user status viewing.

Permit and invalid anti-cancel option.

Install WhatsApp Plus quickly.


Title: WhatsApp Plus
Volume: 62 Megabytes
Latest version of WhatsApp plus: 17.46V
Category: com.waplus
Downloadings: 100,000,000 and plus
Rating of WhatsApp Plus: 4.5
Language of app: Various Language Assistance
Creator: Whatsapp the Mods
Previous Updation: one day before
Root Updation:

Chat Backup and Restoring Choice (photos and Videos) > Settings of MODS > Universal option> now finally click on Backup chat And Restoring option.

Duspatch Documents, Media file and Voice notes above to 100 Megabytes and plus Volume.

Bundle of Emojis for iOS (Setting of MODS > Universal option> Designs)

Text editing.

Pinning text by Private conversation.

Get Pinned texts by further contacts.

Group participants Pictures via Conversation.

Original Locked Chat.

Shift Chats among mobiles apart from GDrive ( click on Settings > later Chats option)

Extreme Anti- prohibition security.

Anti- prohibition For users Whom Are availing Revised 1 HR prohibition.

Crash while tapping over Community.

See All servers texts swapping on Group Info folio.

Various Styles Updation for operating along recent WA Root.

Wipe Up few Settings

Common Malware Fixes

Further developments and fixes.


Additional setting of message mentioning.

Updated with dot for Online and Offline.

Updated with Blue Tick option for Responding for Group chat.

Updated with Loading of theme by ZIP format.

Updated tap for copy to Status caption.

Repeated Option for boosting deliver limit for 250 characters.

Added new UI for Copy selection of text from message bubble (Highlight Bubble > 3 dots > Message Selection)

Updated with Advanced browsing.

Updated with latest personalized Wallpaper User Interface.

Repeated invisible latest Chat.

Repeated invisible further Contacts.

Repeated invisible Frequent Option of contacting alot.

The downloading format of WhatsApp plus:

Firstly, users have to permit third-party downloading feature , as this is not avail at Play Store.

While, move on Settings application and explore security.

Later, browse to Unknown Means downloading tab.

Later tap by Unknown sources, that will locate by pop-up bar.

Pick the Permit or Disable key by pop-up alert.

Later permitting third-party downloadings, install recent File by above portion.

behind done with installation, unfold system and third-party format app to swap install folder and your exact landing file.

Later tap on downloading and hold for further procedure.

Downloading is done! Now place WhatsApp by the toolbar and operate it.

Deliver entire essential permissions required to use WhatsApp as Storage, Camera ,

Calling and access to Gallery.

Finally everything is done. Entertain with WhatsApp Plus having its entire classy features, install themes as well personalize the application workflow. Presently, all holding is depend upon you.

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