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How To Recover Whatsapp Deleted Messages

WhatsApp has organized itself as a social media platform, that enables people to connect with family. Its popularity ally with the several features. One prominent feature that WhatsApp inaugurated in 2018 is the Delete Messages feature.

Due to this feature if you have by chance deleted WhatsApp messages or if your friend has deleted the messages that you have not seen. And if you want to see those erased messages then don’t worry.

So, to overcome this problem in this article, we’ll clearly show you how to recover WhatsApp deleted messages on Android by using different apps.

WA deleted messages recovery:

You feel irritated when your friends delete text before you see them. Then you wished had a deleted messages recovery app. You almost found the solution. This deleted messages recovery tool is such an app that will enable you to recover whatsapp deleted messages by scanning notifications. So, in this way, you can glimpse deleted WhatsApp messages rapidly.

The version of this app is 1.3.2. It is updated on March 20, 2022. This app is downloaded 1,000,000 times. WA is offered by ZipoApps. It is released on Sep 2, 2019.


  • The messages recovery app is a perfect tool to restore deleted messages
  • This amazing app enables you to regain deleted discussions.
  • You can also read deleted messages from chats.
  • Through this app, you can recover your messages in two simple steps.
  • This app records all messages sent, even if they are erased.

WAMR is an extraordinary app that you were looking for recovery of messages. This is the 0.11.1 version that is updated on Jun 8, 2021. This app is downloaded 50,000,000 times. The download size is 14.72 Mb. This app is offered by Drilens.

Because messages are encrypted on your phone so WAMR can’t approach them promptly. The only solution available is to browse them from the notifications that you obtain and create a message backup based on your notification history.

  • With this app, you are eligible to recover WhatsApp deleted messages and also any pictures, videos, voice notes, audio, animated gifs, and stickers.
  • When WAMR will discover that a message has been deleted, it will exhibit you a notification promptly.
  • You can also download Statuses through this app.

WhatsDeleted app help you to recover WhatsApp deleted messages by scanning notifications. Like WARM app you can not only recover text messages but also pictures, videos, voice notes, audio, animated gifs, and stickers.

WhatsDeleted version is 20.0. This version is updated on 23 July, 2021. This app is downloaded 10,000,000 times. This app is offered by Q4U Mobile app.

  • This app scan your device notifications and recovers all deleted messages.
  • Like other apps you can see previously deleted messages, files and status.
  • You can recover all types of media extentions.
  • Using the in-built media player you can play any video or picture
  • With one tap you can download any friend’s status.

Antidelete app allows you viewing WhatsApp chats even if sender deletes them. This app version is 4.3 which is updated on 28 July, 2019. The application is downloaded 1,000,000 times. Its download size is 3.66 Mb.

It is offered by isunny and releases on Jan 1, 2018.

Features :
  • This app has a modern UI Design.
  • Only one click is required to commence service
  • Notification if someone deletes a message
  • You can view deleted chats effortlessly.
  • Delete messages after reading or clear them all at once
  • It has straightforward functionality.

Steps to use the Antideleted app:


Start the Antideleted service by clicking on the switch button.


The Status will alter to “Running Service” once initiated.


Now the app will protect every text when you are away from Whatsapp.


You will get a notification if someone deletes the message.


To check deleted chats just unlock the app and check it.

Auto RDM:

Auto RDM is such app that will assist you recover WhatsApp deleted messages by scanning notifications. With this app, you can not only regain text messages but also pictures, videos, voice notes, audio, animated gifs, and stickers.

Auto RDM version is 1.8.4. It is updated on November 11, 2021. This app is downloaded 10,000,000 times and offered by Zipoapps. It is released on December 18, 2019.


  • Auto RDM is an excellent app to recover deleted WhatsApp messages easily.
  • This app allows you to use the status saver feature share with your friends.
  • If number is not saved in contacts then also you can send direct messages to any number on WhatsApp.

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