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How To Hide Photos & Videos On Android

It is ever irritating when somebody picks up your phone and opens your gallery, without your permission. The android phone is the storage of private photos and videos. It may also have some secret media files, which you don’t need to uncover from people.

Numerous manners help you to abandon the people without access to their files. If you want to conceal personal and particular photos or videos on Android then we’ll share reasonable ways to conceal your photos and videos in an Android Gallery.

Method#1: Hide photos & videos using apps


Sgallery is an influential locker app. This app operates an AES encryption algorithm to encrypt the files. This app has many features comprising shake to close, intruder selfie, fake password, fingerprint unlock, and custom wallpaper. Another best feature is that If you miss your password, then you can recover it.


The vault app is best for hiding photos and videos. this app also ensures your messages, contacts, and other applications. This app has some best options and features like you can set a password to guard all your photos and videos. Additionally, artificial images for people to believe they’re truly staring at a gallery.

This app has an easy-to-use interface. The best aspect of this app is that if somebody attempts to discern your files, then a photo will be taken of that individual and you will be eligible to watch the face of the person. This app is not entirely free. So, you can use its trial version for free.


Fotox is a great option for backing up your media files and conserving them from inquisitive people. Using Fotox you can hide photos & videos by using several security methods. Like the Vault app, this also has a face recognition feature.

You can save your photos & videos on the cloud storage of Fotox. This app can make it look like the gallery has exploded so that the individual stops attempting to access your files.


1Gallery is virtually a photo gallery app for organizing photos and videos. The best feature of this app is the ironclad vault which conceals photos & videos. This app uses a media extension to make the files non-scannable.

This app has three password methods comprising PIN, Pattern, and Fingerprint to conceal photos and videos. This app is designed well and has an approach to user experience. It’s dark mode backing for several file formats like RAW and SVG, search management, and video. It can also be utilized as a photo editor for Android.


Andrognito is a secure privacy protection app. It enables you to conceal your photos, videos, and other files and store them in the cloud. You can access your photos & videos through cloud backups on numerous tools.

This app has both free and pro versions. The free version facilitates you to conceal apps in a single locker, but you can also purchase its pro version to create extra personal lockers.

When you take its pro version, you will get the phony vault imitating, hidden icon, mythical force close, and custom theming feature.

Method#2: Hide photos & videos using File Manager

Android phone has built-in File Manager. File Manager assists in organizing files on your phone. You can select any photo, video, and other file and save it in internal storage. But If you don’t have this function then install it from Play Store. This app also has the option to conceal photos and videos in Android Gallery.

Steps to conceal photos and videos in File Manager:

Follow the given below steps;


Open File Manager.


Click on the menu and then settings.


Toggle on show private files.


Now, open the File Manager menu and choose internal storage.


Click on the new folder and create it.


Give a name to the folder.


Now, chose the photos and videos and click on add.


Select a hidden album. Your photos and videos will be saved in the hidden folder. Now, pictures and videos removed from the gallery.


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