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Connect Any Wifi after using this app

The Internet has become an integral part of our lives. Wandering doesn’t mean unclogging any longer. Today, you can connect any wifi network directly everywhere you wander in the world

Check out the given below list of amazing apps that we have formulated for you. You don’t need to spend mobile data anymore. So, you can conserve both time and money when you prefer to go online.

Choose any app from the following list, install it on your device and enjoy free wifi anywhere. In this way, you can save your entire data plan and even your phone’s battery life.


Instabridge is an interesting app and a worldwide society of people who share WiFi passwords. It’s totally free application and saves your data. It is reasonable app to connect any WiFi free for those who are wandering abroad and need a public WiFi. Its offline map makes it the exact travel app.

This app save you from the annoyance of imploring for the wifi password everywhere. If you’re in a rush or not confident which spot has free wifi then you require to connect.

Over 20 million hotspots expanded to this database. This app is like a master key that can enable you securely connect. It spins public Wi-Fi into a private network for your Internet to be stable and secure.

App description:

Required OS Android 5.0 and up
Updated on May 24, 2022
Downloads 100,000,000
Download size 55.65 MB
Offered by Degoo backup AB – Cloud


  • It is Easier to use and you can access the closest wifi with only one tap.
  • Through Instabridge you can get the Internet securely.
  • It gives you a secure internet ca connection with a VPN.
  • By using the launcher’s power search you can get super timely access to the Internet.
  • You can get free Wi-Fi in all main cities.
  • This app includes offline maps. So, you can uncover hotspots even when you’re wondering.

Wifi Master – wifi Auto Connect:

WiFi Master is a free app that provides you access to open hotspots and connect to any WiFi that is near you. This app has millions of secure WiFi hotspots that shared by users around the globe.

You can discover free wifi near you and connect to secure internet. This app also give you a phone clean function that assists you improve phone storage.

App description:

Version 5.2.01
Offered by Linksure Network Holding Pte. Limited
Required OS Android 4.0.3
Download 100,000,000
Download size 18.06 MB
Updated on Jan 10, 2022


  • This app make feasible for you to obtain free Wi-Fi effortlessly.
  • Obtain free internet connection quickly and stay connected with high speed.
  • You can discover and auto connects to the internet which saves your data costs.
  • The users of this app share their internet willingly and obtain access to free internet all around the globe.
  • All shared wifi passwords will not be disclosed. They’re all encrypted to ensure users’ privacy.

Auto Connect Wifi:

This App gives you free WiFi access and makes sure that you are constantly connected to the Internet. This app has a WiFi community that shares their internet and by doing so they are also connected to free internet all around the globe.

It provides you access to millions of free hotspots and WiFi near you along with the ways to attain the internet access. This app will connect any wifi networks by giving them preference in the auto-connect service.

It confirms the privacy of community members by not indicating the passwords to the other user in the society.

App description:

Version 3.3.3
Offered by Easy way inc.
Required OS Android 4.1 and up
Download 1000,000
Download size 4.53 MB
Updated on November 21, 2019

Wifi Automatic:

This Wifi Automatic automatically connect to any wifi app and assists you to boost the battery time of your phone. This app disables your WiFi when you don’t require it and thereby decreases the battery consumption.

You can also restrict to automatically turn on WiFi again, when you entering a defined location. Moreover, this app can regularly scan for accessible networks to connect WiFi if no suitable network is found. This way, you are always connected to your WiFi network when using the device.

A WiFi connection generally uses less power than a mobile data connection, so on your phone, it makes sense to keep the WiFi radio active, whenever a WiFi network is in span.

App description:

Version 1.8.9
Download 1,000,000
Download size 0.96 Mb
Offered by j4velin
Updated on Oct 27, 2019
Required OS Android 4.0

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