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5 Best WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker Apps For Android

Last Seen tracker app is the best and easy-to-use way to track the activities of your family and friends on WhatsApp. It instructs you when your kids and other members of your family go online and offline on WhatsApp and gives you practical conceptions into their online activity.

With the assistance of these last-seen tracker apps, you can effortlessly recognize the online timings of anyone. Whenever your kids or friend will online, you will be informed and you can communicate with them. Oppositely, it becomes impossible and periodically troublesome to open the conversations again and again for noticing whether the friend is online or offline.

Given below applications give you the last seen timings of your specified contacts. So, your time will not consume. Also, you can use the following apps to know the time your loved ones consume on WhatsApp.

WisTracker Online Last Seen Tracker app:

WisTracker is the most effective and durable online tracker app. It provides you free assistance to trace your online last seen time and also track the online pastimes of your children and loved ones.
You no need for checking to see whether your children and loved ones sleep at night or not. By Using WisTracker you can track the online last seen workouts of your children.

Method to use WisTracker:


Firstly, install the WisTracker app.


And add the number that you prefer to track all online activities.


Now, begin to use WisTracker and receive every instant notification about the activities. Download this app for free and track online activity of anyone.

  • WisTracker adds numerous numbers.
  • This app provides you with Instant Notifications.
  • Application usage time tracking
    This app has a WhatsApp Status recorder
    It has proficiency in whatsapp last seen and online tracking.
  • It provides 24/7 monitoring.

W-Seen – Online Last Seen tracker app

W-Seen Online is last seen tracker app which is not an official WhatsApp app or affiliated with WhatsApp Inc. It is used for tracking online activities of your loved ones with detailed stats.

You don’t require any internet connection. unlike other apps, W-Seen is operating on the cloud service. So, if you’re not connected to the internet, this app will keep tracing the number and you can obtain a complete detail when you are online.

Method to use the W-Seen app:


Firstly, install the W-Seen tracker app from the play store


Views the profile You want to track.


Now, this last seen tracker app views the logs of each profile with a choice of dates and last seen.

Features :
  • This app has detailed logs.
  • The interface of W-seen is friendly and intuitive.
  • It helps you to collect and evaluate online stats.
  • You can track the last seen for the last 30 days/7 days through this app.
  • This app allows you to add up to 10 profiles.
  • This app provides real-time information about your loved ones online last seen on WhatsApp.

Wonline-Last Seen notification:

Wonline is the best assistant tool that monitors your kid’s and family members’ time which they are inclined to waste on whatsapp. Whenever your kids, family members, or friends get online or offline, you will receive a prompt notification.

This app will provide you the detailed statics of all their last seen online/offline actions. It allows you to check how much time your loved ones spend online.

Method to use the Wonline app:


Firstly install this Wonline app from the play store.


Open this last-seen tracker app.


Add the number which last seen you want to track. When your child or family member is online it gives you a notification.

  • With Wonline you can control and regulate your children’s online activities.
  • It provides you instant last-seen notifications.
  • Wonline gives you a detailed report.

W-Parents – Online tracker, last seen for WhatsApp:

With W-Parents last Seen tracking app, you can easily trace and report the online status of your kids and family members. With this online tracker app, you can view the time of your kids are online on Whatsapp.

You can effortlessly see the time spent on WhatsApp and you can also utilize the instant notification feature of this app.

The time children waste in these applications is very crucial, and professionals approve that parents follow this and maintain this workout in an accountable way.

Method to Use W-Parents app:


Install W-Parents app.


Open the application, add the number you want to track.


If you are connected to the internet, you will be informed immediately when the number enters and leaves WhatsApp.

  • You can purchase its monthly or weekly plan to keep track of numerous numbers.
  • With different package options, you can buy packages on a monthly or weekly basis and budget and add numbers.

W-Observe last seen tracker:

W-Observe app will assist you to see how much time your kids expends on Whatsapp.

You can use this to view your family members’ workouts such as how much time they are spending on WhatsApp.

  • You can track up to 15 number.
  • This app exhibit the extent the contact has been online.
  • This app give you notification instantly when the number is online.


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